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Bothell, WA, January 21, 2006-- New to the Natural Hazard Disclosure community in California, Phil Kane, President and CEO of Real Hazards Incorporated is not new to deciphering maps or Hazard disclosure.

Kane, a self proclaimed map geek who has worked for fourteen years in flood hazard discovery on a national basis with one of the first flood determination providers in the U.S., has ventured out to start his own company with the encouragement of his former employer.

Kane learned to read maps as a child, from his father while on the many hikes their family took in the Cascade Mountains. When he was fifteen he took a basic mountaineering course where one of his favorite lessons was the orienteering course on how to use a map and compass.

Between his 18th and 24th years he worked in various capacities with the U.S. Forest Service. As a fire crew boss, back country guard, wilderness ranger and trail crew supervisor, each position enhanced his use and skill of map reading.

During his tenure in flood research Kane further enhanced his mapping skills from the advancement in mapping software, computer technology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) , including the availability of many of the tools for research on the Internet such as the Internet mapping sites, aerial photos, FEMA flood maps and local government GIS sites.

Now Kane has launched Real Hazards Incorporated, a Hazard Disclosure company providing California state compliant Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports and FEMA Standard Flood Determination Reports for the western states.

"Our web-site is a user-friendly site: No fluff, easy to read and get around and simple to place an order. Our commitment to accuracy and our customers helps us live up to our motto, 'real hazards: real disclosures'."

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Environmental Reports

Protect your family and investment

Bothell, WA July 15, 2007--Real Hazards Incorporated has partnered with Environmental Data Resources Inc (EDR) to provide comprehensive and accurate environmental reports. These reports compare your property address against selected government databases of known and potential contamination sites.

More and more real estate agents in California are protecting themselves and their clients by meeting the states spreading environmental disclosure standard of care. In some counties nearly all residential transactions include an Environmental Disclosure Report, and inclusion is on the rise across the state.
Developed exclusively for home buyers and sellers, the EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report identifies potential environmental risks such as leaking underground tanks, landfills and toxic waste sites on or near a property that may threaten a familys health or the value of their investment and is available nationwide.

CONTACT INFORMATION Phil Kane, Real Hazards Incorporated 866-802-2864


Discounted Natural Hazard Disclosure Statements save homeowner/seller's money in the California real estate market

Bothell, WA July 1, 2007 -- In California there are fifty-eight census tract blocks, located in thirteen different counties that are considered Distressed Middle-Income Non-Metropolitan Tracts. These tracts are designated as such because of either high unemployment or population loss. To help these communities, Real Hazards Incorporated, a Hazard Disclosure company, has offered to real estate agents and their sellers, a 54% discounted Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement.

California Civil Code Section 1103 requires a seller or their agent to disclose to a prospective buyer a Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement (NHDS), if the real property lies within one or more of six statutorily specified areas. These areas include:

The NHDS also includes a notice whether the subject property is located in the vicinity of an airport, within what is known as an airport influence area.

Real Hazards Incorporated provides California state compliant Natural Hazard Disclosure Statements and FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determinations for the western United States.

Their web-site,, is an informative, user-friendly site, where it's easy to order either of these reports, once an account is established.

CONTACT INFORMATION Phil Kane, Real Hazards Incorporated 866-802-2864

**President Bush Proclaims June National Homeownership Month**

Bothell, WA June 1, 2007--In order to help low and moderate income Americans fulfill the American dream of home ownership, President Bush has proclaimed June, 2007, National Homeownership Month.

This month, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is holding events across the country to help buyers get started toward owning a home. To learn more about what programs are available visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development web site.(HUD)

Real Hazards Incorporated will do its part by offering manual flood zone determinations for only $10.00 for the month June.

CONTACT INFORMATION Phil Kane, Real Hazards Incorporated 866-802-2864


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