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Top 10 Facts Every Flood Insurance Agent needs to know About the National Flood Insurance Program.       Print Page

Top Ten Facts

 1. Almost every building in a participating community can be covered by flood insurance.

 2. There is an easy-to-write flood insurance policy for low-to-moderate flood risk areas.  
 3. Coverage is available for both structure and contents.

 4. Easy-to-use rating software is available.

 5. Credit cards are accepted.

 6. Provisional rating makes closings easier.

 7. Contact the community building permit office for elevation information.

 8. NFIP policies cover many basement elements.
 9. Federal disaster loans and grants will require the purchase of flood insurance.

10. Buy now! There is a 30-day waiting period.

Every insurance agent needs to know about the National Flood Insurance Program.

1. You can sell federally-backed flood insurance to any resident or property owner in a community that participates in the NFIP.

2. We offer an easy-to-write, low-cost flood insurance policy for people in low-to- moderate flood risk areas.

 3. Coverage is available for both the structure and its contents.

4. Flood insurance is easy to rate with software for your personal computer.

5. Credit cards are accepted.

6. Provisional rating makes it easier for you to sell flood insurance.

 7. You can obtain elevation information from many sources-at little or no cost to your client.

 8. NFIP policies cover many basement elements.

9. Uninsured flood victims will most likely have to buy flood insurance as a condition of a federally-backed disaster loan or grant.

10. Buy now! There is a 30-day waiting period.
For more information, call the National Flood Insurance Program toll free at 1-800-427-4661 TDD 1-800-427-5593

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